MindSphere – The IoT platform from Siemens

MindSphere is Siemens' cloud-based open Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) operating system.

It is capable of connecting all the equipment and systems of a production unit, extracting its data, analyzing it with algorithms and converting it into valuable information to improve the performance and profitability of your business in a personalized way.

siemens mindsphere

MindSphere - The Cloud of Industry 4.0

Digitization is developing a fundamental role within the industry. This process generates enormous amounts of data that need to be stored and analyzed. Siemens' MindSphere platform adds value through its open software and versatility.

MindSphere provides the basis for the development of applications and services based on both company and third-party data in fields such as predictive maintenance, energy data management or resource optimization.

In short, it is a tool that provides multiple services designed ad hoc for manufacturing companies that want to embark on the path towards Industry 4.0

Thanks to MindSphere it is possible:

Benefits and Features

Developing more robust industrial IIoT solutions faster

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