Quality Hoist Maintenance

For more than 35 years we have specialized in maintenance, automation and certification services for industrial lifting equipment and lifting equipment in all its aspects. We work for the industry and the service area, always in accordance with the applicable regulations in each country.

We work under the highest quality standards

Certificación de Puentes Grúa y Aparejos Bajo Normas ASMECertificación, Mantenimiento y Auditoría de Puentes Grúa y Aparejos Bajo Normas OSHAMantenimiento, Certificación, Inspección y Auditoría de Puentes Grúa y Aparejos Bajo Normas ISO

Our Certifications

The Company certified the ISO 9001-2015 Standard (quality management) for Inspection and Maintenance of Lifting Equipment. (Cranes and Rigging).

Trhon Certificación ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas UKAS

Why inspect or certify?

Inspecting or certifying under ASME regulations or others of the same level, gives the user of lifting equipment the guarantee that they (after the manufacturer's warranty has expired or after a certain period of use) retain the same aptitudes and technical qualities. that the equipment had when it was first installed.

To inspect is to contrast the state of the equipment against the applicable regulations or standard, mentioning in a written and traceable report, the sub-standard deviations, if any. Also the recommendations that the equipment should comply with in order to maintain the initial safety and operational conditions.

The certification is the verification that the sub-standard conditions, indicated in the inspection report, were solved and the equipment maintains the initial installation conditions. In this case, a certification is issued that is valid for a period of one year, which includes the data of the certified equipment, the regulations under which the certification was based, and the authorizing signatures.

This quality process serves to minimize the loss of hours out of use of the equipment and to maintain its original quality, avoiding the loss of value of the installation as a whole.