On-site inspections of lifting equipment (including hoists) following a check list according to the following standards:



Maintenance services

In the event that the client wishes to maintain the means of elevation, preventive maintenance services are designed as required by the applicable regulations. After an initial audit/inspection, technical reports are issued detailing maintenance problems, deviations from current regulations or improvements aimed at optimizing the equipment. After this, the maintenance program is designed following the regulations in force at the National or Local level, as appropriate.

Non destructive essays

Tests with penetrating liquids and Magnetizable Particles on blocks and other constituent elements of the equipment in charge of LEVEL 2 Technicians certified by INTI (ISO-IRAM 9712).

Revamping, Retrofitting and Overhaul of Lifting Equipment. (Overhead cranes)

Mechanical and electrical fine-tuning of bridge cranes (hydraulic or electromechanical) affected by production, installation of PLC and SIEMENS investment to control forklifts and elevators with the possibility of SCADA access. (With software development and engineering by the SIEMENS company).

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