Engineering services

Port Services, Mining and Generation Plants:


Trhon Puentes Grua en Puertos

The company has trained and authorized personnel to operate in Ships and port facilities according to the ISPS CODE in Argentina authorized by the Argentine Naval Prefecture.


Trhon Mantenimiento Puentes Grua Para la Minería

For maintenance services in mining cranes, the staff is trained in international cyanide and mercury codes, as well as for work in high-altitude mines (up to 5,300 meters above sea level) and temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius below zero.

Generation Plants

Mantenimiento para Centrales de Generación Electrica

Bridges up to 200 metric tons are certified for maintenance.

Why inspect or certify?

Inspecting or certifying under ASME regulations or others of the same level, gives the user of lifting equipment the guarantee that they (after the manufacturer's warranty has expired or after a certain period of use) retain the same aptitudes and technical qualities. that the equipment had when it was first installed.

To inspect is to contrast the state of the equipment against the applicable regulations or standard, mentioning in a written and traceable report, the sub-standard deviations, if any. Also the recommendations that the team should comply with to maintain the initial safety and operational conditions.

The certification is the verification that the sub-standard conditions, indicated in the inspection report, were solved and the equipment maintains the initial installation conditions. In this case, a certification is issued that is valid for a period of one year, which includes the data of the certified equipment, the regulations under which the certification was based, and the authorizing signatures.

This quality process serves to minimize the loss of hours out of use of the equipment and to maintain its original quality, avoiding the loss of value of the installation as a whole.